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About Seth Taube

Seth B. Taube is a successful entrepreneur, investor, business builder, musician, philanthropist, and father. He has founded and built multiple billion-dollar companies, two of which were listed via initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. Seth now focuses his time and resources on creating a thriving future for humanity and the planet through philanthropic and for-profit contributions and investments at the intersections of mental health, technology, culture, and education.

Seth has invested in mental health solutions, climate technology, and education for over twenty years. In 2003, he founded The Seth B. Taube Foundation Inc., to which he has committed millions of dollars to support these initiatives. Seth's foundation focuses on education reform and the "healing economy," which he defines as both philanthropic and for-profit ventures seeking to enhance humanity's and the planet's health.   

Taube lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his two engaging and successful teenage daughters. He has two brothers, five nephews, one niece, and a dog named Levi.

Seth received a Bachelor's degree from Harvard University in 1992, where his interest in neuroscience, mental health, and human flourishing was ignited. He received a Master's degree in Management, Economics, and Politics from St. Andrew's University in Great Britain in 1993, where he was a Rotary Foundation Fellow. In 2003, he received an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Seth Taube is a seasoned and successful entrepreneur, founding multiple companies over the past 25 years, two of which became billion-dollar companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. These businesses have provided capital to over 500 companies, supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs in over 35 industries.
Most recently, he co-founded Progressive Therapeutics Inc. (, whose mission is to improve the mental wellness of millions of people globally. PTI's initial focus is on emotional disorders affecting women, with additional products for broader mental health conditions in the pipeline. In addition, PTI is a sister company of the Ketamine Research Foundation (, pioneering the development of novel psychoactive and psychedelic medicines and training to help alleviate suffering globally.
Seth also works with early-stage technology companies focused on creating protocols that more ethically procure and appropriately anonymize data, setting standards for how technology should be used in the future. 

He began his career in financial services at top institutions, including Morgan Stanley and Tiger Management. 

Seth Taube has varied interests outside of his professional life.

With over four decades of experience as a violinist, Seth is an avid musician, performing regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area with various symphony and chamber music groups. Seth also performs with local bands and bluegrass ensembles.

As an avid bicyclist, Seth Taube has raced and pedaled throughout California, North Carolina, New England, and internationally. Annually, he rides over 5,000 miles to explore the world and expand his love of our planet.

Seth is passionate about neuroscience and mental wellness. He works with individuals and organizations, creating new modes of healing trauma and suffering in all forms. In addition, he maintains a regular meditation practice influenced by the Dzogchen and Mahamudra traditions.

Seth Taube is passionate about generating solutions to the huge existential and catastrophic risk factors confronting humanity and our planet. The Seth B. Taube foundation is committed to a thriving future on Earth, from donations to organizations developing innovative climate technology solutions to helping solve the growing mental health epidemic globally, especially in the wake of the recent pandemic, and to reforming our education system at all levels.

Through The Seth B. Taube Foundation, Inc., Taube has committed millions of dollars to support solutions to the climate crisis. Seth's foundation is broadly focused on climate technology solutions, specifically on regenerative systems, biomimicry, and alternative energy. Seth began investing in climate solutions over twenty years ago and is continuing now through direct investments personally and charitable contributions from his foundation.

Through the Seth B. Taube Foundation, Inc., Taube has donated to various mental health businesses and charitable organizations addressing the growing global epidemic of trauma and suffering.

Taube serves on the Board of Directors of the Ketamine Research Foundation, whose mandate is to promote clinical research, training, and protocol development related to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. 

Seth Taube believes that the breakdown of our education systems, and the breakdown of the information ecology in general, has innumerable lasting negative implications. Our ability as a species to solve the complex problems we face will require a dramatic increase in commitment to education reform. Through his foundation, Seth supports education at all levels, from post-secondary institutions to local schools, to charitable organizations supporting novel solutions to upgrading the level of K-12 education and civic knowledge in general. Seth's interest in education was cultivated at an early age by his mother, Lorraine, a career special education teacher, and his father, Gerald, a Ph.D. in Social Welfare and a college professor. Both parents fostered a commitment to others, emphasizing the importance of advocacy and the need to give back.

Seth Taube is actively engaged in training and developing the leaders of his businesses, as well as leaders of companies in which he invests and the charities in which he is involved. Seth has trained and developed hundreds of leaders with novel training methodologies and systems over the last two decades. These systems borrowed from ontological philosophy, cognitive psychology, meditation, and mindfulness, as well as unique content and modalities developed by Seth and his team. He has mentored colleagues now holding senior positions at large corporations, foundations, and non-profit enterprises. Seth has trained in a range of leadership modalities over the last twenty years. He continues to expand his leadership capabilities to continue training and developing others.

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